The Tribute Artist is “SHEER JOY!” says the New York Times

The Tribute Artist, now a New York Times Critic’s Pick, opened this weekend to rave reviews!

Cast faint shot- NEW


“Charles Busch’s delightful and slyly insigntful new comedy. The greatest pleasure of The Tribute Artist is watching Ms. Halston and Mr. Busch trading barbs so fluently, aggressively and affectionately….two top comic artists, in perfect harmonic disharmony.” – Ben Brantley, The New York Times 

“Under the expert direction by longtime Busch collaborator Carl Andress, the ensemble shines!” – Frank Scheck, New York Post

“Fun and kooky…The Tribute Artist by Charles Busch leaves you laughing and a little exhausted!” – Joe Dziemianowicz, The Daily News

“Wonderfully entertaining… A real-estate fraud with farce and zingy one-liners. The wackier it gets, thanks to a wonderful cast and director Carl Andress, the better it is.” – Fern Siegel, The Huffington Post

“IT’S A HOOT! …If you need a good laugh (and these days, who doesn’t?) you can always count on Charles Busch…this loveable lunatic still provides a menu of laughs…It’s a barrel of fun to watch Julie Halston swagger about.”– Rex Reed, The Huffington Post

Click here for more information about The Tribute Artist or to purchase tickets.

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