Month: September 2014


Primary Stages production of While I Yet Live by Billy Porter, directed by Sheryl Kaller at Primary Stages at The Duke on 42nd Street from September 24-October 31, 2014.

Performances run through October 31st at The Duke on 42nd Street.  To order tickets online, click here.  Or you can call the box office at (646) 223-3010.


We caught up with Wig and Hair Designers Rob Greene and J. Jared Janas on their process and inspiration behind some of their designs for While I Yet Live.

WIYL Wig Design 2

Jared Janas and Rob Greene fit Kevyn Morrow for a beard wig.

We got some great pictures of you measuring cast members for their wigs. What is that process like?

The process of measuring an actor’s head for a wig involves only a few simple items; a heavy duty clear plastic bag, heavy clear tape, a Sharpie and a measuring tape.

After the actor’s hair has been prepped as it would be for the actual performance, the plastic bag is placed on the head and held down by the actor.  The clear tape is then used to tape the bag so that it forms to the actor’s head.  The actor’s hairline is then traced onto the bag, and finally multiple measurements are taken.  Once the bag is removed from the actor’s head, it is in the shape of the head, and combined with the measurements, the mold can been used to stuff out a block (a canvas head) so that it is the exact shape and size of the performer’s head. A wig can now be built or fit for that specific person on that block.

WIYL Wig Design 1

Tell us a little bit about how you went about designing the wigs for this show?

To begin designing this show, first we read the script. This is one of the few scripts we’ve read that has so many specific wig notes in the actual script – not just in the line notes, but in the actual dialog as well. In some sense, [Playwright] Billy Porter made our jobs a little easier by being so specific.