Month: February 2015

Suggested Reading: Lives of the Saints

Maybe you loved Lives of the Saints and want some more. Maybe you haven’t seen the play yet, but want some insight before you head to the theater.  Here are some suggested books, plays and films with topics similar to the short plays that encompass our exciting production by David Ives.Primary Stages - Lives of the Saints

If you liked Life Signs, you might enjoy…

Ghost Town written by David Koepp and John Kamps, starring Ricky Gervais (MOVIE): A man dies unexpectedly, and is revived after seven minutes to discover a newly-found ability to see ghosts

Miss Witherspoon by Christopher Durang (PLAY): A middle aged woman commits suicide only to find herself in limbo between being dead and being reincarnated

Death Knocks by Woody Allen (PLAY): A man on his deathbed is visited by Death himself. It’s Death’s first day on the job so the dying man strikes a deal with him in order to delay the inevitable

The Dead Wife by Don Nigro (PLAY): A young woman is confronted by her new husband’s dead ex wife on her wedding night

If you liked Soap Opera

Lars and the Real Girl written by Nancy Oliver, starring Ryan Gosling (MOVIE): A man develops a relationship with a life-size plastic woman, and his family and friends play along with his delusion, on the advice of a doctor

Kitty the Waitress by Christopher Durang (PLAY): A short comedy chock full of outrageous accents and witty wordplay. The characters include a particularly seductive waitress with a French flair, reminding us of our own Arnie Burton as the French maître d’ in Soap Opera

If you liked It’s All Good…  (more…)


This season, Primary Stages is performing at The Duke on 42nd Street. We took a few minutes to catch up with Isaac Oliver and Cristina Sanza, two of the fun and friendly staff members you’ll encounter at the theater each night!



Isaac Oliver and Cristina Sanza

The best thing about working in the box office:

Isaac: Why?

Cristina: Is this a trap?

Funniest box office memory from The Duke on 42nd Street:

Cristina: Someone dropped a ticket in the toilet and handed it back to us.

Isaac: A woman stood up in the theater and announced that someone had left their coat on her seat and then realized it was hers.

What kind of music do you listen to in the Box Office?

Cristina: 90’s music.

Isaac: Sad stuff. A lot of sad stuff. The Smiths. Tracy Chapman.

Favorite haunts near the theater:

Isaac: The West Bank Cafe, hands down.

Cristina: Also, Nizza. And Starbucks, every morning.

Isaac: It’s like our Cheers. They know us and our orders.

Cristina: Hourglass Tavern also has a good late night happy hour.

Ever had any big celebrities come to the box office? Who were your favorites?

Isaac: Stephen Sondheim, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker …

Cristina: Jon Hamm, Tyne Daly, Anna Wintour, Anna Camp …

Isaac: Graham Norton! Joan Didion! I have a huge crush on Chris Pine and made Cristina hand tickets out really slowly so he’d wind up at my window.

Tell us a little about yourselves. What do you do when you’re not at The Duke on 42nd Street?

Isaac: I’m a writer and I’m finishing up a book of essays called Intimacy Idiot is being published in June.

Cristina: I’m also a writer, and I’m on a sketch team at Upright Citizens Brigade called Moriarty.

Isaac: We also drink a lot of wine and talk about Tina Fey.


Be sure to say “Hi!” to Isaac and Cristina the next time you’re at the theater!