Month: December 2016

#HortonFoote100 Highlights

The sun shined undeniably bright during the run of Horton Foote’s The Roads to Home , but now we have reached the end of this beautiful journey. As a part of our celebration of Horton Foote’s centennial, we posted 100 days worth of Horton Foote memories from his dearest friends and family. To wrap up our final #HortonFoote100 post, we have picked 10 of our favorite Horton Foote memories:

10. What we love about this artwork of Horton Foote by Ken Fallin is how he included a drawing of an old southern house, an element that is always a part of Horton Foote’s plays.


9. A photo of Horton Foote and Harper Lee taken on Horton’s 90th We just love to see these two literary geniuses laughing together at the antics of the inimitable Dame Edna.


8. A family affair! This picture of Horton Foote and his daughters is one of our favorites because it shows the support Horton Foote had on his daughter Daisy’s theatrical career by directing her play When They Speak of Rita at Primary Stages.


7. Opening night grandeurs! Just a little celebration for all the cast, crew, and creative team’s hard work.


6. Short, simple, and truthful advise from the ever-wise Horton Foote.


5. This shows where it all started for the Academy Award-winning Horton Foote film, Tender Mercies.


4. Horton Foote always writes the best comeback lines for his characters. This passage from The Day Emily Married is just one of them.


3. Another one of Horton Foote’s wise words that we love. His plays tell the most truthful stories about living in the south.


2. This is the free student matinee edition! These students were actively asking questions and sharing their ideas with the cast.


1. Last but not least, this photo of Cicely Tyson at our 2016 Gala. Cicely Tyson spoke beautifully and eloquently about her experience working on Horton Foote’s A Trip to Bountiful.


We would like to once again thank all cast, crew, and of course, the audience for making our show the best it can be. In this bittersweet moment, we’d like to remind all of you that even though the production has ended, Horton Foote’s impact in all lives will live on.