Primary Stages Profile: Taylor Gregory, Primary Stages/Fordham MFA, ’17

taylor (1)What was your very first play about?

Chittenango was about a Broadway director who forgets that it’s opening night for his show Jesus Fantastic!

What is your earliest memory of the theater?

When I was young, my cousin Tommy, who is now a priest, would write and stage plays in the basement every Thanksgiving as entertainment for our extended family. All of the cousins had roles and the shows were not very good.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received as a playwright?

Mark Bly told me, “Characters have secrets.”

What makes a good artistic home?

A Keurig, cozy socks, a small guitar and sunflower seeds.

Tell us about your play! What was your inspiration?

A Small Group is about a man who wakes up in rehab with no recollection of how he got there. He is befriended by four other patients who take him into their group where he discovers that his struggles with identity are not uncommon, and that everybody has a story.  The prevalence of addiction in our culture inspired this play.  We all know “someone.”

Taylor Gregory’s A Small Group will be presented April 27-30 at HERE Arts. Click here for more info.

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